Gina de Peralta Thorne, MS

Gina wants to live in a world filled with the promise that people are given a chance to reach their fullest potential, eating dessert first is a must before any vegetable and always striving to do the right thing creates authenticity.

As a communicator, with over two decades of experience, she has fostered opportunities for behavior change through event planning, writing, public relations, brand management and networking. Her work with the American Lung Association and the Historic Triangle Substance Abuse Coalition allowed her to build prevention strategies that would address underage drinking and drug use. In the last decade, she has worked in residential addiction treatment programs, working side by side with people in recovery at the Farley Center in Virginia, Lakeview Health in Florida, and currently at Harmony Foundation in Colorado. Her focus is to help usher those who are “sick and tired” of being “sick and tired” to a place where hope and recovery from addiction is possible.

When she’s not building a communications or branding campaign, you can find her swimming copious laps in a pool or listening to indie rock that would play well in any coffee shop.

To learn more how a recovery lifestyle is possible, you are invited to visit or contact Gina directly at [email protected] 

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