Event Management

How to Host a Successful Retreat

Jim Geckler, CEO of Harmony Foundation, will share ways to approach planning and executing a retreat. Your event attendees will not only come away with new tools and insights, but walk away feeling a sense of connection with your program and each...

November 2021 // Engaging Locally

Michael Maassel be sharing how to work with local organizations for more effective programming and service work:
* Creative ideas for service work
* Engaging with the larger community
* TPAS chapter groups

Marketing for Alumni Events

Alumni events should be well planned and organizers should allow enough time and notice to build excitement and assure good attendance. It is also important to remember that a good alumni event is not only of value to clients and alumni but also an...

New Event Ideas for Continued Engagement

Once you have established an alumni program, the challenge is to keep it dynamic. If you offer the same events over and over, interest is likely to wane. Here are some suggestions on how to keep veteran alumni engaged over longer periods of time.

Community Integration

Alumni events should not just be get-togethers of former rehab patients. They can also serve as opportunities to raise awareness of addiction with a wider public and to better integrate the hosting treatment center in the local community.

Center-Specific Alumni Event Examples

With event planning, treatment centers can learn a lot from each other. What kinds of events do various facilities usually offer?

Leading centers offer specific examples of budgets, workshops and events that make up their alumni programming.

Event Planning

Many rehab alumni programs offer exciting social gatherings to support recovery with lasting relationships. The types of activity vary from facility to facility and it is not always easy to decide what should be on the event schedule. Does the...

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