TPAS Chapter Groups

TPAS Colorado: for more information contact Tabitha Miller with Harmony Foundation


If you have collaborative experience and would like to start a TPAS Chapter Group in your state, please contact Lauren Kirschberg to get started.


Suggested TPAS Chapter Group Guidelines:

  1. Each Chapter Group may have a private group on Facebook and/or a team within our Basecamp Community for communications. TPAS will provide a logo for your group.
  2. Each group should have two leaders. One should have collaborative experience.
  3. Please provide a list of Chapter Group members to the board.
  4. Please provide each member with a copy of our White Paper.
  5. TPAS will provide each group with TPAS marketing collateral.
  6. Please contact Gina Thorne for anything you may need to get started.
  7. If a Chapter Group is planning events in their area, TPAS can create an event for promotion on the national TPAS Facebook Page.
  8. TPAS suggests that each Chapter Group be self-supporting. However, TPAS is open to receiving mini-grant submissions. Please contact us for more information.


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