Our Purpose

Alumni services have grown to be a critical component of addiction treatment and primary mental health programs. These services play a vital role in increasing positive outcomes by fostering a sense of community and reinforcing the pillars of our members’ treatment philosophies. Through our collaborative efforts, we help alumni professionals build a department that keep alumni connected and supported.

Building a Strong Community

We understand that recovery doesn’t end with treatment. It continues as individuals navigate their post-treatment lives. Our alumni services are designed to build a supportive community where members can connect, share experiences, and support each other. This sense of belonging is essential for maintaining long-term sobriety and personal growth.

Collaborative Learning and Professional Development

TPAS was created because there wasn’t a centralized place where professionals could be trained specifically in alumni services. As a membership organization, TPAS brings together Addiction Treatment Programs and Primary Mental Health Organizations. These organizations send their Alumni Directors and Alumni Coordinators to collaborate and learn from each other at our in-person and virtual collaboratives, workshops, and group coaching.

Our program combines the best practices from successful programs, both big and small, while continually innovating to incorporate new insights and strategies. We are committed to ongoing development and continuing education, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of recovery support.

Key Themes and Topics

We focus on several key themes and topics to enhance professional development and program effectiveness:

  • Alumni Curriculum: Learning to develop comprehensive and engaging curricula that support long-term recovery.
  • Skills and Process: Enhancing the skills and processes necessary for organizational efficiency and impact.
  • Event Management: Planning and executing successful events that foster community and connection.
  • Communications & Relationship Building: Training to better connect with alumni and program leadership, and the other center departments.
  • Outcomes & ROI: Measuring the outcomes and return on investment of alumni services to ensure program efficacy and sustainability.
  • Tools & Technology: Awareness of the latest tools and technology to support alumni programs and streamline operations.

Innovative Event Creation

We empower alumni professionals to think outside the box and create innovative events that keep alumni engaged. Our collaboratives and workshops provide them with the skills and ideas needed to develop activities that foster a strong, supportive community. These events are crucial for maintaining alumni involvement and promoting ongoing recovery.

Leadership Opportunities

At TPAS, we believe in recognizing and nurturing the professional growth of our members. We provide leadership opportunities for alumni directors and coordinators who have demonstrated significant progress and dedication. These opportunities allow them to take on more responsibility, mentor others, and contribute to the evolution of our alumni services. Through leadership roles, alumni professionals can further develop their skills and make a lasting impact on the recovery community.

Join Us in Transforming Recovery

We invite addiction treatment programs and primary mental health organizations to join TPAS and become part of a collaborative network dedicated to enhancing alumni services. By participating in our events and workshops, your alumni coordinators and directors will gain valuable insights, develop professionally, and help shape the future of recovery support. Together, we can transform the journey of recovery and create a brighter, healthier future for all.

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