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At TPAS, we are dedicated to enhancing alumni services in addiction treatment and primary mental health organizations. We provide a range of collaborative and educational opportunities designed to support and develop alumni professionals. Here’s how we serve our members:

In-Person Collaboratives
Our in-person collaboratives offer a dynamic multi-day environment for Alumni Directors and Coordinators to come together, share best practices, and learn from industry leaders. These events are designed to provide hands-on training and explore innovative strategies for alumni engagement.

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Virtual Collaboratives
Our virtual collaboratives ensure that no matter where you are, you can participate in our community. These events are structured to provide the same level of interaction and learning as our in-person events, offering a convenient and accessible way to stay connected and informed.

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Sponsorship Opportunities We offer various sponsorship opportunities that allow organizations to support our collaboratives while gaining visibility and engagement with our network. Sponsorship provides a platform for organizations to showcase their services aligning with TPAS’s mission to enhance alumni services.

TPAS Community
Our online platform is a vibrant hub where members can access a library of resources, ask questions, and connect with other TPAS members 24/7. It’s a place for continuous learning and support, ensuring that our members always have access to the information and community they need.

Learning Management System (LMS)
Our LMS offers structured educational modules designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of alumni professionals. With a range of education covering various aspects of alumni services, our LMS is a key tool for ongoing professional development.

Alumni Curriculum Development Education
We provide specialized education focused on developing effective alumni curriculums. Our training helps organizations create comprehensive and engaging programs that support long-term recovery and alumni engagement.

Chapter Groups
Our chapter groups facilitate coordination between other centers, allowing for greater awareness through collaborative events. These groups enable members to pool resources create a unified approach to alumni services across different regions.

Group Coaching/Individual Coaching
We offer monthly coaching opportunities where members can receive advice and insights specific to their needs from industry experts. Whether through group coaching sessions or one-on-one individual coaching, our members benefit from personalized guidance that enhances their professional growth.

Monthly Virtual Workshops
Our monthly virtual workshops cover a range of relevant topics, providing continuous learning opportunities for alumni professionals. These workshops are led by experts and offer practical insights and strategies that members can apply in their daily work.

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