Shift the Paradigm

We’re Revolutionizing the World of Addiction Treatment … Together.

TPAS is doing some pretty exciting stuff. And it’s based on these big ideas:

1.  It’s time to shift the addiction treatment paradigm.

The research is clear: achieving a high likelihood of lasting sobriety requires a minimum of 12-18 months of support.  28-day and 90-day treatment programs are a wonderful foundation for recovery, but they’re simply not enough.

Ongoing care needs to become the new industry standard — and we’re making it easier and more effective than ever through the development of exemplary Alumni and Recovery Support Services programs.

2.  We’re better, together.

No one should feel alone.  No one should need to reinvent the wheel.  And in this field, no one benefits from competition.

At TPAS, we share best practices without hesitation because we know: free-flowing collaboration drives innovation.  Sharing our best ideas (or questions) doesn’t scare us — it excites us!

This abundance mentality improves our work, brightens our lives, and makes it possible for more people to live lives of sustainable recovery.

3.  It can be easier — and even fun.

The world of addiction recovery can get heavy.  But serious work can be lighthearted!  By strengthening our community ties, by laughing together, and by reaching out for help, we’re able to serve more people, better.

TPAS offers support and resources to help professionals recharge, find that essential work-life balance, and re-spark passion and hope.  When we care for ourselves first, we’re able to make an even bigger difference in the world.

Through collaboration and mutual support, we can save money and time.  We can change the face of recovery.

And we can save lives.

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