Alumni Newsletters

Fall 2015 Collaborative Session Notes 

Alumni Newsletters

Convener: Missy Garrison, Rosecrance  [email protected]  

Scribe:  Tania Bhattacharyya, New Directions  [email protected]


Heidi Solomonson, Hazelden Betty Ford   [email protected]

Stacey Miles, Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers  [email protected]

Diana Foster, The Canyon at Peace Park   [email protected]

How Rosecrance’s newsletter works:

-Ask the alumni what they what want and go from there

-Ask for alumni’s commitment

-First alumni newsletter was one page, started by just trying to get people involved, later newsletters, increased to include patient information and anniversaries

-sent them out electronically, then constant contact

-Had an alumni agree to write a monthly article for each one, was very personal and written for alumni specifically

-have gotten donations from alumni due to the newsletter when they see the events coming up

-newsletter goes to the families as well

-they can choose if they want it via email or mail

-alumni have jumped into help, takes a ½ day of my time

-talk about what happened last month and what is coming up


Hazelden Newsletter:

-covers upcoming events (national and local)

-chapter directory, anniversaries, milestones, ways to be of service, highlight an alumni or patient, recaps of events from previous months, alumni staff and contact info

-alumni page on website has lots of photos, we asked the patients what they would want to see

-have a name for the newsletter, i.e. Rosevine

-Hazelden Corporate Database team- 12 employees.

-manages mailing database, EHR, Raisers Edge

-have a form on alumni page to update your contact information







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