Skills & Process Management

2021 Kickoff Virtual Workshop

We take a forward thinking look at 2021 and discuss new ways to think about alumni program strategies. Harmony Foundation CEO also joins the group and provides insights into how to work with treatment program leadership.

Creating an Alumni Board

Enhance your treatment program with an alumni board. Who should be on such an advisory body and how can board members make your program more cost-effective? Boards can produce and manage strategic goals of alumni programs while members of alumni...

Family Inclusion

Addiction is a family disease and that goes for alumni programs as well. Family members can play an important role and when they are engaged in the recovery process, positive outcomes are more likely. Once patients are discharged from rehab, the...

Ethics and Confidentiality

The Federal government created confidentiality laws to protect patient information under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, which all federally assisted addiction treatment centers must follow. Alumni programs...

How to Approach Your CEO

Having great ideas on alumni activities is one thing. Being able to convince the CEO of your facility to get on board and pay for them can be quite another. It becomes easier once CEOs realize how much their organization can benefit from an active...

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