Coining In Ceremony

Spring 2015 Collaborative Session Notes

Coining In vs. Coining Out

Convener: Ryan Miller, Futures of Palm Beach  [email protected]

Scribe: Neena Wilcox, The Bridge to Recovery  [email protected]


Baars, Theo Westbridge [email protected]
Cape, Laurie The Bridge to Recovery [email protected]
Chadwick, Cindy Life Healing Center [email protected]
Dunn, Patrick JourneyPure [email protected]
Kinloch, Bill The Refuge [email protected]
O’Shea,Christopher The Journey Home [email protected]



List 3 (or more) important ideas offered by the convener.

  1. Clients are introduced to alumni services during the first week after detox and talked to about Coining In. And asked about previous experiences of graduation at other centers.
  2. C: Courage
  3. O: Open Arms
  4. I: Investment
  5. N: New Life
  6. There is no “graduation”


List 3 (or more) great ideas offered by the participants.

  1. Be a part of, instead of feeling excluded
  2. Baby steps to get clinical buy-in: it’s change and often initially rejected
  3. “Coining In” can be at any time during treatment or can include a leaving ceremony


Other things discussed:

Struggling with integrating Alumni Services with other departments.

The Actual Coin: keep it more anonymous, maybe center logo, no identifiers



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