Alumni Programming Planning and Engaging during Holidays


In this informative video presentation, LB Burkhalter takes the stage to share essential insights on ensuring the safety and engagement of alumni during the holiday season. With a wealth of experience in alumni support, LB’s guidance offers a valuable roadmap for a harmonious and meaningful holiday experience for all.

Key strategies:

  1. Safety Protocols: LB underscores the importance of prioritizing alumni safety during holiday gatherings, providing practical tips and guidelines to navigate potential risks.
  2. Community Support: Discover how to foster a sense of community and belonging among alumni during the holidays, ensuring that they have a support network to lean on.
  3. Mental Health and Wellness: Learn about the importance of addressing mental health challenges that may arise during the holiday season and how to provide resources and support for alumni.
  4. Engaging Activities: LB shares creative ideas for engaging alumni in meaningful holiday activities, creating a sense of belonging and connection.
  5. Communication and Outreach: Understand the significance of proactive communication with alumni, offering reassurance, information, and a listening ear during this potentially challenging time.

LB Burkhalter’s presentation is a valuable resource for anyone looking to make the holiday season a safe, enjoyable, and enriching experience for alumni. Whether you are a professional in the field or an alumni participant, this video offers guidance on creating a sense of community and support during the holidays.

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