2013 Collaborative Session Notes 

Developing Alumni Databases and Multi-channel communication

Scribe: Caitlin Rayner, New Beginnings Lake Charles [email protected]


Megan O’Connor, Valley Hope

Gina Thorne, Lakeview Health

Jacob Goldberg, St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness

Ross Martin, Focus Healthcare of TN

Austin Berry, The Last Resort

Tania Bhattacharyya, New Directions for Women

Murry Sandlin, Ranch at Dove Tree

Chris Gates, MAP Health Management

Tom Hofstedt, Alta Mira

Melissa Garrison, Rosecrance

Vickie Bing, Benchmark Recovery

Sue Hendrickson, Caron Treatment Center

Kym Vasey, Gateway Foundation


Which database is best for keeping data content?

– Regardless of which software used, every list must be centralized as an organization

– Make sure the software is HIPAA compliant

Ning – an online private message board for support (

Biggest feedback on pages generally stem on personal posts

– How many are managing alumni community Facebook pages?

– How do we keep alumni engaged in Facebook pages?

– How do you monitor efficiently

– How do you monitor what can and cannot be posted?

– Images? How can you be thorough with consent as to what photos can be uploaded?

Text Messaging

– Inexpensive and Efficient Way to Communicate!

– Voice Broadcasting





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