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2014 Collaborative Session Notes 


Convener: Stephanie Shoemaker, Seabrook House

Scribe: Tania Bhattacharyya, New Directions for Women

Ryan Miller, Futures of Palm Beach
Kacy Ritter, Origins
Krystle Connor, The Right Step
Zack Knippenberg, St. Christopher’s
Megan O’Connor, Valley Hope
Stephanie Shoemaker, Seabrook House
Janelle Wesloh, Hazelden Betty Ford
Savannah Ganji, Milestones Ranch
Karen Zaccour, Lakeview

How do we support the family as a whole?

  • Seabrook House has started calling family members as well as alumni during follow up calls, asking about their own recovery. They talk to them about what they need, too.
  • Lakeview – there is a family component, which is a weeklong process. As alumni coordinator, she shares what she does and also has family members fill out consent for.  Family members tend to be very focused on the patient.  They don’t see the need for their own recovery and going to meetings.
  • Implemented AlAnon meetings onsite to encourage family to go as a part of the family program. It’s a Beginner’s meeting.
  • Have events that include the family once a month, i.e. concerts, cook-outs, nature hikes

Patients can go to family group without their family member present so it’s not as triggering, and can ask questions they may not ask their actual family.  “Pass It On Group”  And family can ask alumni questions such as “how do I know they’re not going to lie?” Can also do this on social media.

Video conference: Blue Jeans is HIPAA compliant.

The family member may tell the truth more willingly than the alumni on how they are really doing on their sobriety.  Always clear it with the family member before speaking to the alum about it.

Redirect the conversation to ask – how is the family member doing?

What are the family members asking for?

  • How can we give back as family members? Volunteer at events and buy tickets/shirts for events
  • Family support groups
  • Alumni Day – alumni come back and get special coins (30 day, 25 year coins) Invite family members.

What is the family continuum of care?

  • Therapy, AlAnon, but what else do we need to do?
    • Online area for families.
    • Regional family support groups.
    • Additional intensive family programs with care management.
    • Coaching sessions – six 30 minute sessions for $300.
    • Family therapy.
    • Having someone available to help the family member who can’t get their loved one through the door.
    • Great customer service!

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