Fundraising with Alumni

Fall 2015 Collaborative Session Notes 

Fundraising/ Building a program in line with culture

Conveners: Diana Drake, New Beginnings Lake Charles  [email protected]

Mike Hendren, West Bridge   [email protected]


  • Be careful – don’t always approach wealthy alumni for money
  • Establish and Alumni Association o This helps with the ethical issues since it’s a separate organization
  • Establish an Aumni Board (legal)
  • Conduct Board Training (elect officers) o President , Vice President, Secretary , Treasurer o Adopt committees after board is up and going
  • Have fundraising events o Raffles – ask alumni to donate times o Pass the hat at all events o Sell t-shirts o Tape speakers and sell video for $
  • Plan events for the year at the board meeting o Steak Fry once a month o Dunk Tank o Face Painting o Golf o Christmas Party o Take patients to retreats / fellowship of the spirit
  • Pine Grove holds Days of Hope o 2 day sessions held 5 times a year that integrates alumni back into the patient community

2015 Fall Collaborative Notes


Convener: Tania Bhattacharyya, New Directions [email protected]

Scribe:  Sabrina Mathis, Foundations [email protected]


Megan O’Connor , Valley Hope  [email protected]

Paul Hamblin, The Bridge to Recovery [email protected]

Laura Niedringhaus, Beacon House  [email protected]

Bridget Kreshover , Destination Hope  [email protected]


It could be said that a great fund-raiser is a broker for the sacred energy of money, helping people use the money that flows through their lives in the most useful way that is consistent with their aspirations and hope for humanity.”  – Lynne Twist

New Directions for Women uses Benevon for fundraising (

Host Golf Tournament and Gala event each year

Have Circle of Life Tour

  • Ambassador (invites 10 friends to spend 1 hour leaning what they do at New Directions – history, goals, stops on campus)
  • Gets the ambassador revitalized in exchange for a little bit of time
  • CEO speaks to group/ if not available then entire administrative staff have been trained to share same message
  • Final piece is an alums testimonial
  • Serve meal


  • Post discharge survey
    • Send letter to family
      • Includes ways to give time, talent and treasures

Annual Appeal Letters

  • Cost $4000 a year
  • Nets $30,000

Gala Event

  • Raised $600,000 last year: First year raised $20,000
  • Serve breakfast which is free for all attending.
    • Underwrite to cover cost
  • Maximum 400 seats at event.
    • Each table has a captain (board member, alumni, people with connection) who invites those at the table
    • Staff or an alum is also at each table
  • Usually someone steps forward to match all gifts raised that day to get maximum value of the day

Great Reading Material —- “The Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist

What do you do when families have $ to give?

  • Guidelines
    • 6 months/1 year after treatment
  • Valley Hope developed a gift guideline

Life Savor Fund

  • Cannot accept personal
  • $50 is maximum accepted

Valley Hope sends out hard copy (24-page) newsletter 4 times a year.  Each one includes an ask for support

When do you identify a gift prospect?

  • Not during treatment

How do you get people to be responsible?

  • Show them all the good that is happening
  • Show them what their money will be used for and do to help

Working on Local Boards who will host panel nights at the treatment center

  • Plan to implement a family panel as well

Is anyone using GoFundMe accounts?

  • Quick to set up
  • Memorials? Is this crossing a line?

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