Engaging Every Department

Unveiling the Vital Role of Company Buy-In in Alumni Programming


Discover the essential role of company buy-in in driving successful alumni programming initiatives. In this presentation, we will unveil strategies to engage every department within your organization, fostering a unified approach to supporting and nurturing alumni relationships.

About Michael Maassel

I am passionate about recovery, collaboration, educating, and helping to connect people to a purpose and mission that they truly believe in that will allow them to be of service and change lives.

People call me the “hurricane of happiness” because that is authentically, exactly who I am. I am driven to make a difference in the recovery/treatment world by cultivating relationships on a national level that bring people together for one common goal: to see people thrive in recovery from the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. I am fast-paced, organized, and love being able to mentor individuals to help them succeed in creating sustainable programming that attracts people to their cause.

I am a person in recovery, a published author, trainer for Recovery Coaches, podcast host, and someone who loves working with creative and passionate people.

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